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Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO Pack – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

WordPress is a very friendly blogging platform for search engine systems. It can be made even more user-friendly, using WordPress SEO plugins and settings. Currently, there are two very popular WordPress plugin for improving user-friendliness of your site to the search engines: Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin and “the father of all SEO plugins” – All in One SEO Pack. Both plugins can be easily installed in any 8Theme WooCommerce themes and some packages offer premium WordPress templates with pre-installed SEO plugins. Our users can choose what SEO plugin to install into a WooCommerce theme, that is why we decided to post the main differences and common features of these two most popular SEO plugins for WordPress.

Yoast SEO plugin for WooCommerce themes

  1. Main features

Yoast’s SEO plugin integrated into a WooCommerce theme provides more features than the All in One SEO. In addition to the standard optimization Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords, Yoast SEO provides an XML sitemap, robots.txt and .htaccess configuration, “bread crumbs”, optimization RSS page and analysis tool.

Yoast also gives new users a simple understanding of what the plugin does. After installing the plug-in user to immediately show tour that uses the latest chip WordPress – Screen Tool. Tour options quickly shows that a new user may want to configure, and explains some of the unique plug-in capability. This is the approach to be followed by all the powerful plugins.

  1. Unique features

The tab Yoast’s SEO for social networks allows you to add OpenGraph Meta Data section of your site. This will help to better integrate your website with Facebook.

Yoast SEO plugin also allows users to All in One SEO to import their data. Users can also export them Yoast SEO settings.


Bread crumbs is a term used in the design of user interfaces for navigation chain. Yoast SEO for WooCommerce themes helps you to add and configure breadcrumbs for your website by WordPress. Bread crumbs and improve your indexing by search engines, as well as improve your visibility and relevancy in search results.

The plugin is very active community of fans, so that the option of support from the community in most cases is triggered. In addition to the official forum WordPress, you can also ask questions on the use of this plugin on any forum webmasters and get a quick response, thanks to the large number of fans and web developers who use this plugin.

  1. Conclusion about Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO plugin for WooCommerce templates is a simple-to-use plug-in, even for beginners. However, it will not work right. Users need to configure it before it will be really useful. But the good news is that the developer is aware of this need and explained everything without straining the new user. In particular, I liked the new possibility of “round”, that quickly introduces a new user with the plugin.

Yoast WordPress SEO adds a widget to your page post editing, where you can preview to see how your site can appear in search results. The snippet that was displayed for some posts on my site, made me wonder why anyone would want to click on this result? It made me change the Meta description for some of the posts and pages on my site.

The tool analyzes the pages in this widget analyzes your post/page and displays the corresponding scores. It analyzes meta description, title, keywords, use the main keyword in different parts of the page, the number of words, etc. If you pay attention to the warnings on this page, this will help to improve not only the position in the search results, but also the usability of a website with a WooCommerce theme. Tab Social Networking widget allows you to add any other description for Facebook and Google Plus.

All in One SEO Pack for WooCommerce themes

  1. Main features

All in One SEO pack has been around for a long time, and this is one of the most famous and popular WordPress plugins. In the All in One SEO Pack fewer features than Yoast SEO plugin, but it does not mean that the All in One SEO Pack less powerful. As I said once, the right plug-in – this is the plugin that meets your needs.

After installing the All in One SEO Pack for WooCommerce themes the first thing you see – it’s an ugly red alert that asks you to include plug-in plug-ins in the Console section. We wish that the authors of the plugins made the warning at least a little less ugly. Administrator page contains affiliate links to some well-known developers of themes and plugins for WordPress. Skip commercials, you will see the options. If you want to get rid of advertising, you can subscribe to the paid version of the plugin.

  1. Unique features

Unlike Yoast WordPress SEO, All in One SEO Pack is one admin page to setup the plugin in any WooCommerce template. Each setting has a brief explanation, which appears by clicking. This page allows you to change the Title, Meta Description and keywords for the home page. It also allows you to choose the canonical URL, our select the format for the page title, category, tags, and other types of content on your site.

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post editing interface for ALL in One SEO too much simpler. It allows you to change the Title, Description and keywords for the page with a WooCommerce theme. You can also leave them blank, then the plug-in using your post title as the title page, the first 150 words as a description and tags as keywords.

All in One SEO has long existed. For assistance or reports of problems, you can refer to the official WordPress forum, or upgrade to the premium version of the plug and ask to plug the site. In 90% of cases will respond to your question on the forum or other forums WordPress webmasters. However, remember that a good practice to make donations or pay for a subscription to the plug-ins, thus demonstrating gratitude to the authors for their work.

  1. Conclusion

There is no doubt that the ALL in One SEO does not give much room as Yoast. But it provides some powerful features. In particular, we like the simplicity of the settings. Less options to select means that I do not have to spend a lot of time setting up the plugin.

Plugin All in One SEO for a WooCommerce theme works in most cases immediately. Once you have it turned on, it automatically tightens the description and keywords tags and content of your posts. You can customize them yourself, but if you have about 1,000 or more posts, imagine how much time you’ll need a good setting for each post.

At the All in One SEO also can be integrated Google Analytics. This means that you can enter your Google analytics ID in the admin section, and the code will track your visitors.

What plugin – Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack – is the best choice for WooCommerce themes?

We think most users of our WooCommerce themes would give a clear victory to Yoast and maybe they’re right. But the fact that All in One SEO Pack is also a good plugin since it does all the things that are required from the SEO plugin.

Breadcrumbs can be created in WordPress themes, keyword analysis can be done with the help of plugins and browser extensions, plug-ins are excellent for site maps, and why anyone would edit the robots.txt and .htaccess files via WordPress console? We mean that if a user understands and can edit the contents of these files, it is likely he has a fairly advanced skills and can do it manually.


In our humble opinion, All in One SEO lacks no features, and ease of use, support, user-friendliness and design. Yoast wins because it has an additional layer of convenience, which is not enough for All in One SEO. Tour Features, page analysis tools, snippets generator – all this makes us recognize the winner.

If you have any questions left about these two SEO plugins for WordPress themes, then leave your request or visit the forum to discuss your questions.

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