• February 10

The Most Responsive Plugins for a WordPress Online Store

If you want to build a responsive WordPress site for eCommerce purpose – to sell products or services, you need a solid platform to turn all yoru ideas into reality. Only highly responsive premium WordPress themes with built-in plugins can help you to make an eye-catching and user-friendly platform where your customers will be able to buy your goods. For such purposes, we highly recommend to choose one of our premium themes compatible with the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress sites – Woocommerce.

Woocommerce, ecommerce plugin

Woocommerce – the most sophisticated plugin for an eCommerce site on WordPress

Woocommerce is a freeware plugin for creating a website with a section that allows organizing and storing sale of any goods, services or other items of interest.

This plugin was originally based on the code project Jigoshop. However, the developers’ team has made a number of modifications and additions that allowed improving the interface for administrators and creating templates to organize email-notification of your customers, creating a system of coupons and collect reports on completed orders and trading operations. Let us also on the capabilities and characteristics of this plugin.

Woocommerce is essentially not just a plug-and full-extension library for integration with an existing eCommerce website or blog based on WordPress. The main objective of its development – provide the ability to create easy and free full shops for online trading on the basis of any new or existing site for a long time.

Advantages of Woocommerce-ready plugins:

Redesigned admin interface that most closely matches the native control panel’s interface site based on WordPress platform. The installation on site occurs through a click. The plugin offers multiple advantages for the owners of eCommerce sites on WordPress:

  • Improved system with built-in support for tracking Google Analytics;
  • Built-in capabilities to create directories and selling similar products;
  • The system of coupons and rebates to support the dates and periods of validity of the coupon;
  • Built-in email templates alerts and newsletters;
  • Simplified management products, product categories and it is good for sorting items.

You can choose one of our premium Woocommerce-ready and fully compatible themes on WordPress platform. This plugin is the best choice for everyone who needs a simple and available solution for promotion of any eCommerce site. Despite simple installation, you need a professional template with a finely “tuned” multiple settings of Woocommerce because they are a bit tricky to understand if you have never dealt with such kind of eCommerce plugins.

Other platforms and plugins for creating a WP eShop

1. WP e-Commerce

Woocommerce ecommerce plugin

This is the first functional plugin for ecommerce WordPress sites. It has almost everything you need to create an online store. Once installed, you will need to specify your country, currency, etc. You can create groups of goods, tag, insert photos (paid in modules, it is possible to make a few photos), keep records of sales, to put icons on whether there are goods in stock or not, import CSV files (tested to work). As with all premium eCommerce plug-ins, there is a possibility of integration with Paypal. During the installation, you can choose the language – and this is the basic version download for free from a website.

2. eShop

It is a rather functional plugin. There are most of the settings as in the previous, also has support of WPMU. Once installed, the plugin creates an automatic 6 pages:

  • User-friendly shopping cart;
  • Payment options;
  • In-built “Thank you” for purchasing;
  • Cancel of purchases;
  • Loading of items;
  • Delivery options.
  1. ShopperPress

It is another great plugin. Most of its great advantage is that it has a lot of good skins. The disadvantage is that the basic functions – it is limited. The normal eShop can be done with advanced features that are paid. Here is the paid version has a lot of goodies, the most significant in my opinion that can import goods as feeds from Amazon, as well as files with excel – what I did not find in other shops. The paid version is much more than a theme. In general, among the paid versions – it is a great choice for eCommerce sites.

  1. QuickShop

QuickShop is a simple eCommerce plugin for WordPress that easily integrate into the site. at the same time has a fairly good functionality. Previously, many had problems with this plugin, as it was necessary to integrate it with the plugin. You need a professional assistance (from an experienced WordPress template developer) to get this plugin work properly.

The choice is up to you but nowadays most premium WordPress themes use Woocommerce plugin because it is simple and easy to install/use.

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