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Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Heatmap lets you to visualize the number of visitors who visit any WordPress based website. Special Heatmap plugins and tools can demonstrate the whole overlay with the most visited and viewed areas marked as red zones and “colder” – less popular areas with the low user activity. Such Heatmap tools differ from Google Analytics software. Google Analytics will show how many users visit a website, what pages they view and how transfer between pages. Heatmap analytics demonstrates how users in real time use and interact with the whole website.

Since WordPress themes are very popular ones, there is a bunch of Heatmap plugins designed specifically for this engine.

Heatmap services and free plugins for WordPress themes

The services such as Google Analytics can provide you with useful information about how many users have been on your site, how they found you and what they did during their visits. However, if you want to really get an idea of ​​how your site and your content is used by visitors, then the service analytics called as Heatmap may be the perfect solution.


While Google Analytics has its own function, which allows you to form a general idea, which links to the pages to make transitions, Heatmap plugins integrated  into WordPress templates will show you any clicks, regardless of whether they are a reference or not. More advanced heatmaps can show you how far down a certain page your visitors scroll and some can even allow you to play videos of the whole customer’s route on your website with one of WordPress themes.

Some of Heatmap services for WordPress themes offer pricing tariffs, which do not give access to the thermal map of clicks. In the price comparison presented below, I have listed the cheapest tariff plans, offering access to the heat map and includes a free trials, allowing to recognize the features without paying for them at first.

Clicky Web Analytics for WooCommerce themes

Clicky Web Analytics may sound familiar to those who used the Get Clicky – the same service, but under the old name. Despite the name change, the basic functionality of the service remains the same – you get real-time analytics, reflecting how users interact with your site, in the center of which is the most attractive feature: thermal map of clicks.


One can say with certainty that Clicky – one of the biggest players among the providers of Heatmap analytics for WooCommerce themes. According to promotional materials, 695,182 web sites are using at the moment this service.

When it comes to thermal maps, they can be viewed not only in the page basis, but also for each user session. This means that you can take any user to see what he was doing on your site, which pages are visited and where clicked. You can expand the view of the data to the user segment: one of them visited certain pages of your site with one of WooCommerce themes, certain actions have been met, such as, for example, filling out a form or downloading a file.

Among other features of the service:
  • Notification that an action has been made by the user on your site;
  • Widget analytics, visible only to registered users – with its help you can quickly track the real-time statistics;
  • Monitor your WooCommerce template based site uptime of 5 geographic locations;
  • Twitter-analyst to bring you interesting references;
  • Limited data search engine ranking for your website;
  • Greater bounce and rate calculation;
  • Zip Records and notifications;
  • Targeted observation of certain user actions;
  • Monitoring referral links;
  • View your analysts by other users;
  • API for video monitoring through third-party services.

The most interesting feature of the service is a great admin console, optimized for those who view the statistics on widescreen monitors using all features of WooCommerce themes.

Reinvigorate for WordPress themes

Reinvigorate is another web analytics service for a WordPress theme, which includes the ability to heat clicks card to keep track of exactly where the user clicks on your site. Service tracks all clicks that your website visitors are left when viewing your posts or pages, and then outputs them via a special card. Tracking occurs in real time, so you can watch both the heat map, new clicks with the arrival of new users.

Since Reinvigorate is completely separate analytics tool, it offers a host of other features than are not available in other heatmap services. Here they are:

  • Monitoring the user’s transfer in real time;
  • Notifications are displayed on the desktop, on the fulfillment of certain actions and instant access to your stats;
  • Naming for visitors to make them stand out from the crowd;
  • Per Page analyst and user data;
  • Reports on visitors;
  • Globally distributed tracking code through the CDN to prevent slow works of the website based on a WordPress theme;
  • Free WordPress plugins for easy integration.

Reinvigorate analytics service for WordPress themes includes all the standard features you would expect from a tool tracking and reporting of this kind. Notifications are displayed on the desktop after Snoop tool – that there is not in every intelligence service.

Crazy Egg for WordPress templates

Crazy Egg was founded by well-known expert on intelligence and entrepreneur Neil Patel. This service is used by some big brands such as eBay, Skype, Dell and Toyota, to keep track of their user data online. It was one of the first services, operating in this manner, even though today he appeared competitors.


Crazy Egg for WordPress themes offers several different types of heat maps. In addition to the standard chart that reflects the data on clicks, there is also a map showing how often users scroll down the page. With its help, you can get a basic understanding of how to read your content is and where people stop reading material.

The main features of Crazy Egg service:

  • Map scrolling, showing how far down the users scroll the page before leaving the website with one of WordPress themes;
  • Segmentation of visitors on the basis of traffic sources (referrals from search engines, etc.);
  • Tracking multiple domains in one account;
  • Free WordPress plugin integration.

Among other great Heatmap plugins and services for WordPress themes are SessionCam, Clicktale, Heatmap.me, Mouseflow and Ptengine.

Using heatmaps for your website on one of WordPress or WooCommerce themes stands for a great way to learn how visitors interact with your content and design. Given that there are a lot of available trial mode, you can use any of the services offered above, in order to improve their conversion and to cope with any problems related to the experience of interaction, which you could not even guess.

If you have any questions left about the use of Heatmap tools and services for WordPress themes, you need to visit our forum or leave a request for 8Theme’s Support Group.

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