How to Add Facebook Author Tag into WordPress

If you want to know about how to implement Facebook author tags into WordPress responsive theme with Yoast SEO plugin or with code you are at the right place. You can also use the services of 8Theme team to set up any responsive theme on WordPress engine with Facebook author tag.

Facebook OpenGraph and author tag support by Yoast SEO plugin

Facebook meta information is put on the page in purported OpenGraph tags. WordPress SEO has probably the most broad Facebook OpenGraph support you’ll discover in plugins out there. In the event that you empower OpenGraph on the Social settings page, it’ll all happen naturally.


Did you realize that OpenGraph tags are utilized by a larger number of locales than just Facebook? Pinterest uses them as well and Twitter and Google+ really depend on them as well when there are no particular tags for their stages.

So in the event that you set a Facebook picture and that’s it, that picture will be utilized on those stages as well! For the Facebook author tags highlight to work however, you really need to go into the client profile page of your WordPress introduce and enter your own Facebook profile URL into a responsive theme. That is it. The plugin will then naturally include more things, similar to the distributer tags, picture tags, a portrayal tag, article sort and so on and so on. Heaps of things you don’t have to consider, we’ll enhance it for you.


In the event that you need to further improve your OpenGraph yield, you can change a percentage of the things the plugin will yield on the Social tab of the WordPress SEO metabox.

We as of late included the prescribed picture size in the portrayals of those transfer fields, for the most part as we continued overlooking them ourselves.

Include Facebook Author Tag in WordPress responsive theme by means of a certain code


Since we as of now utilize Yoast SEO plugin on our site, it seemed well and good for us to utilize the above technique. However in the event that you need to include Facebook author meta tag your site without a plugin, then essentially include the accompanying code in your site’s <head> area. You need to use the following code to implement Facebook author tags into your WordPress responsive theme.

1. <meta property=”article:publisher” content=”” />
2. <meta property=”article:author” content=”” />

Do not to forget to replace the links above with your website’s Facebook page link and your personal profile link.

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