How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store With Shopify?

The vast majority is hoping to set up an eCommerce shop with WordPress themes. Nowadays clients can now integrate their sites with Shopify. While we’ve already expounded on integrating Ecwid with a WordPress site, the addition of Shopify and Ecwid to the eCommerce choice available for is rather intriguing.

Why not utilize native WordPress plugins? There is probably a considerable measure of structural concerns, for example, setting up SSL certificates and sending payments through their servers. Utilizing a SaaS arrangement eliminates many of these issues, as payments are directed through the supplier’s servers (i.e., payments experience Shopify, not your site’s servers).

There’s certainly a blended gathering to the new offerings, yet the upside for me is the ability to run a WordPress theme and take advantage of easy management and SEO compatibility while running a shop that’s also easy to utilize, yet requires less setup and maintenance on my part. In case you’re already utilizing your own particular WordPress themes or sites, you can actually integrate with these administrations already and run your store in a sub-domain.

Pros of Using Shopify with WordPress themes:

  • Built-in security for hosting;
  • Many features for promotion of ecommerce sites;
  • Great user support;
  • SEO features and marketing;
  • Various designs;
  • Add-Ons (Shopify App Store).


Shopify integration into WordPress themes

Integrating Shopify to WordPress themes isn’t as extraordinary as you may think. There are some pre-made apparatuses that make integrating these two platforms fairly easy. I’m going to assume that you have both a WordPress site and Shopify account with basic store settings ready to go.

When you have some Shopify items and accumulations ready to go, you’ll have to install the free Shopify Widgets app, which will create embeddable widgets for your different online journals or websites. Once the app is installed, you’ll have the capacity to access it from your Shopify dashboard under “Apps”.

Shopify Dashboard: Apps

  1. Embedding the Store

When you tap on the app, you’ll be taken to a menu where you can pick choices for what you want to embed on your WordPress site. How about we start with the whole estore, as that’s the most complicated integration, however, shouldn’t take too long.


  1. Creating a Shopify “widget”

When you snap Embed a Shop, you’ll be asked to choose which item accumulations you want to incorporate. In the event that you’ve never utilized Shopify, this may be unfamiliar. However you can create accumulations based on the kind of item or where you want it to be displayed, for example, “Front page”.


Items can have a place with various accumulations, and on the off chance that you add new items to these accumulations; they will at present be displayed even after you embed the Shopify widget. Select the accumulations you want to embed in your WordPress themes, and then we can proceed onward.

  1. Pick Collections to Embed

Since you’ve chosen the accumulations you want to embed, you can then generate the embed code by clicking “Get Embed Code”. You’ll duplicate everything and place this code in your topic’s header.php record just before the end </head> tag (do this via FTP in case something turns out badly. When that record is saved, you have one stage cleared out.

  1. Grabbing the Embed Code

The code you’ve embedded will open your whole catalog in a lightbox (penetrated around gathering), so you only need to add the connection to open that lightbox on whatever page or posts you’d like. As the directions state, you have to add this connection: <a href=’#shopify-store’></a> to your page, post, menu, or widget.

  1. Create a connection to open your store

Finally, you can look at the accumulations you’ve embedded by clicking your connection or catch! Consult with the team of 8Theme can help you to integrate Shopify with our free and premium WordPress themes.

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