• June 5

15 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

15 most useful WordPress plugins for photographers are described below. These plugins will definitely be useful for all users of photo-related sites based on WordPress theme you can find on our site.

When it comes to creating a website with photos into WordPress, you can run into a bunch of plugins that you can add to your WordPress theme to improve it. Nevertheless, more than 36,000 plugins for WordPress will be useless to you, especially if you are not versed in technical terms. 8Theme can upgrade your WordPress site with any of the plugins you need.

8Theme recommends the following WordPress plugins for photographers:


This plugin for WordPress will help you with the promotion of the site. With it, your users can quickly share the text on your site by simply selecting it, and also to share images that are on your site. The ability to share materials on your website is in a natural way to increase traffic to your site and allow the resource to promote your social networks.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin is very useful for users of WordPress. This plugin compresses the images in your library and makes them smaller than that accelerates the loading of images on your site. The plugin can optimize the images that you have already downloaded and will compress the image with the right of the boot. Well plugin works with the formats of JPEG and PNG file formats. Smaller images have a positive effect on the loading of your site and have a positive effect on SEO performance.

WP/LR Sync

This plugin synchronizes your image library from Lightroom. It will allow you to quickly change the metadata of your images, and add watermark.

SEO Friendly Images

Ideally, all your images on the site must be specified attribute Alt, which contains information about the image. This has a positive effect on search engine optimization. Your pictures will be shown in the pictures Google. However – this is not something that the photographer has to spend his time. SEO Friendly Images is a useful plugin for photographers to automatically add the Alt attribute to your images and add captions. This leads to more browsing through search engines. The plugin works in the background so you can set it once and forget about it.


MotoPress is content editor for WordPress themes, which allows you to edit the appearance of your pages visually.


Here is everything you need to create colorfully decorated pages and galleries on your site. Interface Drag & Drop, allows you to change elements are not getting into the HTML code.

Pin It Button for Images

Pinterest is an excellent platform for photographers that deliver new customers. If you use this tool for your business, you will definitely need their button. This plugin gives you full control over the button Pinterest. It allows you to change the color, size and install it at the top or bottom of the image.


Even if you can encourage your customers to easily share your work on Facebook, send a tweet to get people usually difficult. With TweetDis it will be easy! This plugin encourages your users to share your information to Twitter, which will undoubtedly lead to an increase in traffic to the site.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

What could be worse than a website that has been collapsed or cracked? You can lose a lot of photos just because of problems on the server. At the same time backup services can be quite expensive. Plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox automatically backs up your site, and straightened them directly into your folder Dropbox.

Booking Calendar

If you are a busy photographer then this plugin you may need by default. With this plugin you can add to your site to the calendar marks the days that are busy or free. The plugin has an intuitive interface and flexible configuration.

NextGEN Gallery


This plugin is one of the most popular to create galleries on WordPress themes. From sketches to the gallery watermarks to your photos – these are the features of the plugin. All of this plug-in takes care to make browsing your photos more enjoyable.


This plug-in for your site or blog based on WordPress will link together your account on the social network Facebook and photo albums on the site. To import photos to the gallery using Facebook API, so the process of transferring photos to pass easily.

Yet Another Photoblog

But this plugin turns your WordPress blog into a full photo-themed blog. With this plugin, you can configure user-friendly mode you load and display your photos, screenshots, or pictures.


Defrozo is actually a set of tools for WordPress themes. Using only one account, you can use a variety of tools. All these features are for free.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery runs on Java-script and therefore operates fast enough. In addition, it is universal and does not conflict with the themes / plugins from other developers.

The main feature of this plugin is a very high-quality slideshow that will be useful for people who need to frequently show slides. For example, to give lectures.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery allows you to customize almost everything: speed, range, color and other elements associated with the style of your slideshow.

However, unlike other plugins, Tribulant Slideshow Gallery has a limited capacity of a photo gallery, so it’s better to use it along with other similar plugins.

Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery is the best choice if you frequently use a mobile phone or tablet and want your WordPress theme for photoblogs to look great on mobile devices. As with other plugins, Grand Flagallery has all the basic functions: creating galleries, uploading infinite number of images, edit them and add descriptions.


This plugin is perfectly compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and well SEO optimized. It can create a gallery for photos, video files, MP3-files, NIVO slider or widgets for a slide show. Nice detail: the gallery, you can add background music to your photogallery.

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