• June 2

How to Show Real Time Online Users to WordPress Theme

Even if you have only few visitors to your site per day you still need to analyze their behavior on your WordPress site. Behavioral factors are now coming to the fore, and it is essential to know how visitors behave on your site.

The behavioral factor is an analysis of the behavior of website visitors. What content is the most interesting to them? What are the most clicked links on any pages long delayed, and some leaf through almost without looking. Search engines included into WordPress theme on the secondary signs can accumulate knowledge about the behavior of visitors to your website and will give you more hits from search engines if your site will show visitors.

The more visitors to your site the more likely that they somehow you have that – it will become. Improve site will give more visitors and more customers. And to analyze the behavior of users, you need to know how they behave. To this end, the counters are in attendance. That is why you need to add real time online users counter to your WordPress theme.

How to install real time user counter to your WP site?

  • Real-Time Statistics Hitsteps Visitor Manager

It is a tracking tool for showing website visitors in a real time mode. The analysis of sources, landing pages and geography of visitors, the number of returns and the time spent on the site. It is also possible to start a live chat and ask the user, offering to help, thereby increasing the session and the likelihood of conversion.


Many features of Hitsteps Visitor Manager duplicate the functions of Google Analytics, but the plugin allows you to watch every user of the site by analyzing its behavior, monitor activity on social networks, allows you to target audiences to access the resource, view reports in real time, and for the necessary period. Before use, you want to get API, registering online.

  • WP Slimstat

This plugins helps to analyze the behavior of current visitors, recording logs (perhaps because of this bit inhibits job site). Track clicks with Facebook or Google+ networking sites.


  • WassUp Real Time Analytics

Gives understanding what is happening on the site – how many online visitors who are coming from, how to distribute visits by time of day and other information.


  • Tallyopia Analytics

Another plugin is to view real-time statistics of users online. You can embed widgets on the frontend, Statistics showing visitors or advertisers.

Use these plugins to set a 24/7 user counter on your WordPress site in a real time mode. Such statistics can help to track how many users like your site and your WordPress theme’s features.

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