How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress Themes

Do you want to add own custom fonts to a WordPress website? Great idea! They really help to diversify already used your theme and make it something new.

Using Genericons fonts in your WordPress themes is one of the easiest ways to add a custom font. It has become very popular to use custom fonts in themes WordPress. And there are even a few themes that contain hundreds of custom fonts. Nevertheless, loading of a large number of fonts can significantly slow down the loading speed of the site.

Where to find custom fonts for WP templates?

Previously fonts are always pricey, but now everything has changed. Now there are so many sources where you can find excellent free fonts, such as, Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, FontSquirrel, etc.

Those who do not know how to combine fonts, it is best to use a source of Font Pair. It helps designers to combine beautiful fonts developed by Google team.

When you select the fonts you need to remember that the use of them in very large quantities can slow down sites based on templates for WordPress. Therefore it is better to choose no more than two fonts and combine them to design the entire site.

Google Fonts as perfect custom fonts to themes for WP

At Google, there are excellent free fonts for website design and any project. To use them on your WordPress site just go to the library, pick your favorite and click the button under the text.

After that you will transfer to the next page, where you will select the desired style. Do not select the ones you are most likely not be used.


At the bottom of the same page there is a region embedded code. This code should be copied and added to the theme you are using in the header.php file immediately after the opening tag <head>.

Add the following CSS code in the style.css file of your theme. Now Google custom fonts can be used successfully on its website WordPress:

.h1 site-title {font-family: ‘Open Sans’, Arial, sans-serif;}

Use themes for WordPress with for adding Google Fonts

8Theme recommends you to take advantage of this practical guide for configuring and adding additional fonts from Google database of pre-made fonts. With any of these plugins you’ll be able to access the repository open free fonts and customize to your liking text and menus in your WordPress theme. Add fonts for icons in WordPress templates with such plugins:

  1. Supreme Google Webfonts

Here is another free plug-in that works with fonts from Google, but here you can select the font for a particular post, and not for the entire theme as a whole. The drop-down list of fonts in WP themes will help you to view all of the available design options directly in the creation of the post, which significantly saves time: no need to go to the site Google Fonts and every time to look there, it looks like the text in a particular faces. However, the use of this plugin can significantly slow down the loading of pages in some cases. So you have to decide what is more important: the speed of the site or the beauty of design texts.

  1. FontMeister

And this free plug-in allows you to access not only to the fonts Google Fonts for your WordPress-site, but also to the fonts from Typekit, Fontdeck and Font Squirrel (here contains both paid and free fonts).

After installing FontMeister must enter the API keys for services to which you are going to connect to obtain fonts. In this case, the API key for Google Fonts is free, but relatively not easy to set up.

The plug-in works with the catalog with Font Squirrel because you can download fonts using the plugin management page in themes for WordPress, which in principle is simple, but it takes a little time with you, especially if you download a lot of different fonts.


If you do not plan to use all the available services to download fonts that are connected to this plugin, I would not advise you to use them to access only to the Google Fonts – there are solutions that are simpler and easier to set up.

  1. WP-Typography

Despite the fact that for some time it has not been updated plugin, WP-Typography works with versions of our engine, starting with 3.5.2 aimed WP themes. After you install this plugin you get free access to control the appearance and formatting of text in the normal version installed WordPress.

With this plugin, you can edit the quotes, insert the correct dashes and hyphens, use emphasis in foreign words and execute blocks of text and paragraphs according to your needs.

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