• March 28

How to Display Your WordPress Posts in a Grid Layout

In modern web design there is the trend, according to which the content on the website with WordPress themes are displayed in grid or tiles. This is useful on large monitors tablet computers, as it allows the user to see as much as possible at the same time a lot of posts.

The so-called grid design supports a variety of advanced template for WordPress themes. But if your site is already a template that outputs records WordPress usual traditional way, a list, you have to do something to alter the template grid.

In order to organize the usual pattern conclusion WordPress Entries grid, two methods can be used: to rewrite the template code (which is effective, practical, but not everyone is subject)  or use a special plugin (which is also effective and can do everything automatically).

Content Views plugins for grid layout on WordPress themes

Content Views plugin in WordPress themes converts any template in the grid layout. It allows you to display WordPress Entries in the form of tiles, arrange the output, you can use the shortcode.


To begin work with the plugin, download it, install on your website and activate. After that, a new paragraph «Content Views Settings» appears in the console. We are interested in subparagraph «Add new». In it, we can add the output unit WordPress Entries grid. Here everything is quite simple. Consider which fields must be completed and set up:

  • View title. Record header output unit WordPress Entries (plug-in allows you to create several different blocks);
  • Content type. Select the type of content: it can record, page, user-defined types are supported;
  • Common filters. Here you can specify the ID records or pages that will be involved in the withdrawal of WordPress, also indicate what positions should be excluded, and set a limit on the number of articles. In this article you can learn how to find out the content ID;
  • Advanced filters. Additional filter allows you to select posts on taxonomies, authors, status and sort them according to different parameters. When installing a tick on the desired option opens an additional field with the options, where you can make settings.

Note that here there is a second tab Display settings, in which you can configure the display layout in WordPress theme’s posts.

When the settings are completed, save the changes, and then go to the «All View» subparagraph, where you can get a shortcode, which can be installed in the post or page.

Other plugins for marking grid layout in any WooCommerce theme

The following free and premium plugins will make the process of adding markup grid by WordPress website is incredibly easy and simple.

  1. uSquare

This is a great premium plugin for a WooCommerce theme that has reached more than 2,000 shopping Code Canyon. You will be surprised how easy it is to install and start to use it, given that I was capable of this plugin.

You can create an unlimited number uSquares (grids), and then add them the same unlimited number of items. The grid can be added to individual posts or group of stations belonging to the same category. After you add an element, you can edit the name, description, color and many other settings. However, you should take note that this does not affect the actual parameters of a post or page.

The order of the elements can be easily changed using the interface “drag and drop”. There are also many design options, giving you maximum control over the look of your meshes and its elements.


The most notable feature of this plugin is a function, when users click on links within the mesh. You have the ability to redirect the user to a specific post or page, display the image in different ways, or bring a new window with additional information about the item on the same page.

This plugin was created to simplify the process of creating a grid layout to display the image gallery, blog, icons, profiles of employees, products and everything else that you can think of.

  1. Essential Grid

Essential Grid – is a premium plugin for any WooCommerce template that allows you to display content in different formats in the adaptive grid layout. Possible applications range from portfolios, blogs, galleries, WooCommerce shops, tables, prices, services, products, reviews and anything else that you can only imagine.

  1. UberGrid

UberGrid is a powerful plugin for creating adaptive grid/gallery WordPress. It can build a great wall of square elements selected manually or automatically, using your posts with WooCommerce themes, including products for WooCommerce and custom type posts created by other plugins or themes.

Adding an impressive layout grid to display posts and pages on your website with WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates is quite simple, but if you have any questions visit the forum of 8Theme community.

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