• June 9

Best WordPress Help Desk Plugins for Customer Support

You have a website associated with certain services? You sell something by means of your website using our WordPress theme? If yes, then you are likely to understand the importance of a good customer support. In the past, it was difficult to provide 24/7 online support and it was not very convenient for the end user because only emails and phone calls were available for talking with the tech team.

Now it is not so difficult – every service-related site has a ticket system, online chat and FAQ section that can help users solve the customer’s problem simply and efficiently. There are also special help desk plugins for customers’ supports that can be integrated into any WordPress theme you got from 8Theme site.

7 best Help Desk plugins for any WordPress theme:

  1. Click Desk Live Support

Click Desk – plug-in help-desk system with online chat, which has a lot of options template. What is even better – it allows you to use the option “click-to-call” and with it allows the visitor to interact with the site administrator, or technical support voice. And if the technical support staff to assist the visitor is not in the network, there are also off-line form allows visitors to contact you.


The importance of social media should not be underestimated, and Click Desk also allows users to connect via social networks, as they are available in the messenger or online chat. In addition plugin allows you to chat on the phone with more than 40 countries. It also allows you to use Google Talk and Skype, to make communication even easier and also more economical. The ability to interact with the audience through the various social media platforms since it is an important advantage of this plugin.

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a plugin that gives your site more than just a help-desk system. It simplifies the process of adding tickets for registered users of your blog. Any comment, if necessary, can be converted into a ticket. Using the drop down menu with Zendesk plugin a visitor can easily chat with the site’s administrator.

The plugin provides a simple user panel, which will help control and ticket requests to support. Many sites have a page that applies only to the support with Zendesk, you can create your own forms, which can be added to your WordPress theme.

  1. LiveAgent

This free WordPress plugin integrates many functions to your site, including online chat, help-desk and offline messages. In addition, plug-in support knowledge base and forum to help those who are looking for support.


There is an option that includes social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In general, it works like a hybrid communication system that runs on many platforms. The plugin also supports multilingual and also includes any language supported by WordPress.

  1. Live Chat Casengo

This is a very good plugin for adding online chat on your site or blog WordPress. This plugin allows you to process requests via email and online chat. And like the previous plugins, this plugin is integrated with social networks.

  1. WPSC Support Tickets

Plug-ticket system designed specifically for WordPress to serve the needs of business, services and product support. It is available in 14 languages. Guests can generate tickets; an author can answer and delete tickets. The plugin can be modified and be available only to people who have bought a product or pay for support. Also part of the plug-in units is customizable and can add the chatting via emails.


  1. LiveHelpNow Help Desk & Chat Button

It is a robust, adaptive WordPress plugin that provides online chat. It allows the visitor to interact directly with the administrator of the site or agent. Under the agent I mean support staff that can assist customers. Also available offline mode so that you can respond to any message that came while you is away. There are ticketing system and the system request a call back. All communication via plug-protected (encrypted). It also provides support for different languages.

  1. WordPress Advanced Ticket System

This plug-in contains all the necessary ingredients to create a good ticket system for your WordPress site. It allows visitors to add their concerns and requests. When creating a ticket visitors can set the priority, type and status of the ticket. At the site administrator will have more time to deal with the ticket, having a low priority. The plugin works as a help-desk system, which provides good support for you and your customers. Integrated CRM system helps you to interact with customers and maintain good relations with them.


There WordPress plugins for maintaining and control over your site’s support system. Among the free plug-ins released Click Desk Live Support – versatile plug-in with all the necessary functions. If you need a good online chat option for your WordPress theme, we recommend you to try Live Chat Casengo. For a complex system of tickets, we would suggest WordPress Advanced Ticket System.

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