• August 12

How to Create Short Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress Themes

Partnership or affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most scalable ways to make money online from a website using one of 8Theme’s responsive themes for WordPress platform. Instead of spending their time and money to create a commercial product or service, you simply promote these goods and services, receiving a commission every time someone orders them on the site for your reference.

Many online retailers offer affiliate programs and Amazon Associates is one of the largest and most famous). However, to gain success as an affiliate you need to learn how to shorten your links. You can use these plugins for this purpose.

Affiliate plugins for any WordPress responsive theme

• Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – changes the references to local visitors Amazon (.com, .co.uk, .de, etc.) and inserts your affiliate ID for each country, this plugin allows to make affiliate links shorter.
• Amazon Auto Links automatically generates links to new products with Amazon (taking into account your affiliate ID), also can shorten your links.


• CB Press – quickly and easily imports the products from the ClickBank Marketplace.
• ThirstyAffiliates masks and manages all your affiliate links in any responsive theme from WordPress engine.
• Skimlinks automatically converts references to products into your personal short affiliate links.
Hiding affiliate links and monitoring your Amazon statistics
We will not discuss such obvious ways to shorten links as redirects and some self-written php-scripts. Since most webmasters and bloggers use WordPress responsive theme, bring original solution for this engine.


To work under the instruction you need to download and install the plugin GoCodes. You can then customize the links disguise for your Amazon affiliate program.

GoCodes has few fields you need to fill in:

• Field 1 (Redirection Key) – word that is displayed in the URL in the transition or restore to an affiliate link;
• Field 2 (Target URL) – referral URL, which will be forwarded to the user;
• Field 3 (Count Hits) – check the box if you want the future to track the number of users who clicked on the link.


After pressing the confirm button, the table Manage GoCodes will appear at the bottom of the page, a hidden Amazon affiliate link that can be inserted into your post. There you can see the number of transitions, if you enable this option when creating links in any WordPress responsive theme.
Now that you have all these affiliate links hidden in an original and effective way, you can be sure not to lose any referrals interested in your articles and recommended services.

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