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5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Read about 5 plugins helping to display similar entries on any blog with WordPress themes or WooCommerce templates. And although they say that in terms of SEO-related articles concluded harm if these links are not rigidly tied to a particular record, all webmasters still somehow use them, then do it properly. Related Posts plugins for…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings

The most popular (and competitive ones) blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. WordPress is considered more powerful than the Blogspot platform because of the large collection of plugins. But Blogger is a great platform for beginners to start blogging and learn the basics of this “craft”. If users want to have the full control over…

Posted by Alex Miro

10 Things to Do Before Launching a WordPress Site

Before opening up a WordPress website for search engines and people, you may consider doing some things. If you built a website or blow by means of WooCommerce themes or WordPress templates, then you should prepare it and install or check certain settings. Things to check before launching the website with WooCommerce themes: Manage your…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Add a Notification Center in WordPress

Is it true that you are sick of the irritating WordPress warnings that are included by different distinctive plugins and subjects? Need to control these notices? In this article, we will demonstrate to you best practices to include a notice focus in WordPress that takes this notification out of your way and spots them under…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus

Most users accept that they have to make pages for every point and add them to menus. However in the event that you do that, then you won’t have the capacity to show important posts there. In this article, we will demonstrate to you best practices to include subjects in WordPress route menus without creating…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Add Content Upgrades in WordPress and Grow Your Email List

There is a WordPress theme option called the Content Upgrade, and it assists to have more email subscribers to your website using any WordPress or WooCommerce template. Further you will know why and how to add the content upgrades in WordPress themes and in such way to grow your email list. What is a content…

Posted by Alex Miro

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal – Which One is Better?

If you want to have a powerful website and not worrying about coding, first of all, it is necessary to get acquainted with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as major CMS systems. As the content management system (CMS) they occupy the dominant position on the Internet. If you have doubts about WooCommerce themes, you can compare…

Posted by Alex Miro

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