Month: March 2015

Building Your Business on themes with WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce WordPress combination is the best choice for everyone who is into eCommerce business.  8Theme offers a bundle of premium WooCommerce themes ready for promotion of any Internet store. WooCommerce plugin will be the perfect solution for small and medium-sized stores. This online platform is ideal for online shops. Advantages of premium themes for WooCommerce: There…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Create Custom Menu Structures in WordPress Themes?

WordPress makes menus for you taking into account your pages and classifications. This menu structure is frequently bland and can get a bit wild. Including another classification will change your menu structure and this can now and again get revolting. Some of the time, you need more control over how the menu looks and functions….

Posted by Alex Miro

Magento vs. WordPress: Shared Features with Remarkable Differences

8Theme offers you a bunch of premium WordPress themes and Magento templates that can improve any online project focusing on eCommerce. Let’s figure out the similarities and differences of these two platforms that are widely used all over the world as major eCommerce platforms. About Magento Possessed by eBay, Magento strikes a forcing figure in…

Posted by Alex Miro

Integration of WooCommerce Plugin with Visual Composer

WooCommerce stands for a popular WordPress plugin, made to transform the platform into a capable eCommerce project. The superb features and capabilities make this plugin really useful. And all of these features can be improved thanks to Visual Composer plugin. The team of 8Theme will let you choose among multiple WordPress themes with pre-installed WooCommerce…

Posted by Alex Miro

Understanding WP Theme Testing to Ship Better Experience

So, you have found a new WordPress theme being introduced and you are eager to activate it? The majority of bloggers becomes curious whenever they encounter an eye-catchy theme. If you want to run a high-performing WP site then spontaneous theme switching without “testing” it might create problems for you. Testing a theme is extremely…

Posted by Alex Miro

Must to follow 6 DIY Steps to Beef Up Your WordPress Site Security

If you’re a WordPress user, then probably you would have heard a lot about a major website getting hacked or how sensitive information is being compromised. The open source nature of WordPress makes it an easy target for people (including hackers, malicious users, etc.), looking forward to steal data from sites with an easy entry…

Posted by Alex Miro

E-commerce Templates for Design Inspiration in WordPress

If you have an online project that is aimed at selling products or services then you may consider to choose one of eCommerce themes on WordPress platform. Design inspiration that is highly appreciated in 2015 also reflects the latest trends that we use in eCommerce templates. We follow the trends that are applied in eCommerce…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Build a Website with WordPress: Practical Tips

Suppose, you have a project in mind – a shop for selling bags online, a personal blog, a handmade website where you can talk and sell your DIY items. What to do to make it presentable online? How to make it not just good-looking but also a popular one? We say let the professionals solve…

Posted by Alex Miro

Design Trends in WordPress Landing Page Themes

Connection with the general commercialization and development of online trading in today’s Internet special urgency purchased so-called landing page for an Internet shop. In fact, it is a web page advertising a product or service and needs to encourage visitors to take some action – buy, call or sell. Each landing page is created corresponding…

Posted by Alex Miro

WordPress: Why You Need RSS Feed and How to Implement?

As website owners, you’ll at some point of time need to distribute content. Luckily, there are various content distribution methods available to choose from, however, email marketing has been largely perceived as the best way for distributing content. But, if you’re looking for an affordable yet ideal way to make your content accessible to users,…

Posted by Alex Miro

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