• April 29

WordPress PayPal Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments

WordPress is one of the most known platforms for creating websites and offers an enormous amount of free plugins to earn from your website more. It is well known fact that PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems, so you can easily add this option to WordPress themes thanks to plugins. In this article I have tried to list 10 best WordPress PayPal plugins for Easily Accepting Payments. Enjoy!

1. Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

It’s all in the name. It’s simple, doesn’t require any specified knowledge and due to it you can with ease add a PayPal button to WordPress themes for specific products, post or page. Just install the button, synchronize it with your PayPal account and you’re welcome to go on. It is very easy to use and it is just great for selling products on-line in one click. Clients can check on what is in their cart just now and make any changes.

2. Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

All you need to do is placing a simple short code to any post or page of your site.
It gives you opportunity to add a lot of staff to your WordPress themes. You can configure short codes to offer clients plenty of choices, for instance a choice to choose such an option as color or size, or even combining a number of different variation (color AND size).

You are free to add either option of free shipping on specified quantity, or even add taxes, thumbnails etc.

3. WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

Easy to use WordPress plugin to receive PayPal payment just in one click, for instance payment for service or any product. Donations are also included. Can be shown in the posts, sidebar and pages of your site. There is easy to set up and install “Pay Now” PayPal button on your site. With available short codes you can build as many widgets into WordPress themes as you need with placing for instance in a post or a page.

4. Quick PayPal Payments

The Quick PayPal Payments plugin provides you with a variety of different options, even one that other plugins do not offer for instance a Thank You page, function to add options is also available the same as add shipping, or a coupon, or any fee.
The only thing that this plugin is missing is freedom in design. Admin is the only one who controls styling in any way which is really important and inconvenient for some of you. But if you do not pay special attention to this feature you may choose this plugin for installation.

5. PayPal Donations

Sometimes you just need to receive payments but not for selling products. The PayPal Donations plugin is donations-only plugin and that is its distinctive feature. Thanks to this plugin after applying a short code or a sidebar widget you can get a different donation buttons on your site. If you are searching for a Donation button, you might admire this one.

WordPress themes
All you need is to file in your PayPal ID and select such personal settings as localization, return page style or even currency or payment page design. Then just add the short code or the sidebar widget into your site and instantly you can start accepting donations.

6. Easy PayPal Custom Fields

That plugin is definitely for you if you need simple “Donate” and “Buy now” Button to your site without shortcode. Plugin is simple, convenient and easy to customize and use. There is a spam protection due to HTML convertation of Username.

7. CP Contact Form with PayPal

Thanks to this plugin you add a contact form into a website and connect it to payments in PayPal. It is perfect if you deal with booking forms, services and consulting. Captcha verification is included for WordPress themes. All requests whether already paid or not are to be sent from the contact form and appear in the personal settings area of your WP site.

8. PayPal Pay Now Buttons Shortcode

This plugin inserts a short code to buttons “Pay now”, “Buy now” and “Donation” and “Add to cart”. Furthermore you are welcome to customize your PayPal page. Perfect on selling products. Client is allowed to put notes to their orders, and you are able to issue shipping also.

9. Multi Currency Paypal Donations for WordPress themes

If you handle international business and receive payment in multiple currencies then you’re more than likely going to need this plugin that is just a miracle. Low fees for inter border transactions and rout different countries. That is exactly what you need for cross border payments via PayPal.

10. Ready! Ecommerce Shopping Cart

E-commerce is your business then “Ready! Ecommerce Shopping Cart” is plugin for an e-commerce store. This plugin is created to serve streamline operations via WordPress themes. It might be considered or regular basis for long lasting use with e-commerce and numerous gateways such as Google Wallet, 2Checkout, SagePay, Authorize.net, Skrill, eProcessing Network, checks and money orders and OF COURSE PayPal and PayPal Pro.

Furthermore you can work directly with USPS, UPS, and FedEx extensions which extend your shipping opportunities as well as flat rate shipping. No need to mention other personal settings that are available such as taxes, widgets, product options and variations, sales and coupons.

Here are PayPal plugins to provide you opportunity to receive payments through your WP site. No reason to explain why PayPal is necessary to add in WordPress themes if on-line business is part of your livelihood. Being able to accept PayPal payments opens you new opportunities for your business and I-sales. You are free to choose plenty of options depending on your goals and kind of business.

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