• February 3

10 Basic Features for Premium Themes of WordPress

Premium WP templates are the best choice for a professional online project. In other words, if you plan to run business via the Internet you won’t do without premium WP themes. What makes them so special and more importantly – why do you need to pay money for premium themes for your WordPress site? The answer is simple – the trick is in features. Only premium WP themes can offer unique features that you will never find among basic features of free WordPress templates.

Basic features of premium WP templates


It is rather difficult to define all basic features of premium WP themes. But some of them are definitive for any premium WordPress template. The basic features of premium templates for WordPress include:

    • Multiple font and color scheme choices;
    • Code-free editing;
    • Flexibility;
    • Compatibility with Woocommerce plugins;
    • Quality WordPress support;
    • Multiple sliders support;
    • Multiple social options – for sharing and communication;
    • Easier WordPress installation service;
    • Support of multiple payment platforms for ecommerce WP templates;
    • Parallax effects.

Premium WP themes also should have a set of basic elements that can make your work with WordPress platform easier and more user-friendly, while your design won’t look stuffed from all plugins and tools you eventually will add to the template. Let’s consider basic features of premium WP templates in details:

  1. Stylish fonts

Headers, blog titles and social media buttons should contain useful and catchy information but they also should look like an eye-candy. Only premium WP themes can offer elegant and stylish decisions for fonts that will look great for the majority of your users.

  1. Advanced WordPress Support

Responsive premium WP theme will manage with any new updates. That is what “responsive” in its title means – the theme can quickly “response” to any changes you perform^ when adding new plugins, tools, updating the whole platform, etc.

  1. Flexibility

Premium WordPress themes are templates with loads of customization options even not a webmaster can handle. You will be able to change theme options, styling options, change of fonts, social features and links sharing.

  1. Use of sliders

A big benefit of responsive premium templates come with custom post types for easier adding of sliders to any page of your blog. One of the best sliders for responsive WP themes is Revolution Slider plugin or Flexslider.  These sliders offer amazing transition effects and add a slideshow to any images on your blog or site page. For example, Flexslider offers multiple 16 transition effects including the work of shortcodes, columns, message boxes, content tabs, dropcaps and tables.

How to choose responsive themes of WordPress


When selecting a responsive WordPress theme it is vital to consider few factors:
  1. Responsive design is essential

A very good, smart and well-thought design is what makes a WordPress theme THE WordPress theme. All unique features that attract a customer of your website are hidden in a smart design of your blog or shop’s theme. WP platform is very easy to use but only a premium template can help to upgrade your blog without any glitches or mistakes.

  1. Multiple social sharing features

If you own an eCommerce blog you need to have a great web environment to promote your goods and services. Designers should look at premium WP themes that allow sharing with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  1. Different page styles

Many popular WP themes have multiple page styles built with its own style. Choose themes with seamless transitions from page to page. They look more professional and polished.

  1. Plenty of different widgets and sliders

Customizable widgets stand for one of the basic premium features that WordPress users like. In addition to visual flow, widgets can make for a more seamless installation, saving your time and make your work with the platform easier.

  1. Retina-display ready theme

The quality of images and visuals matters more than content. WordPress themes should look great in particular, especially eShops. Retina-display ready templates will look amazing on any mobile device.

The number of premium themes available for WordPress is overwhelming. Responsive design is at the top of the wish list for most WordPress users so make sure to choose your premium WP templates with great design with responsive features.

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