Site health issues cache and 500 error + cache

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  • Avatar: khurram virk
    khurram virk
    June 18, 2024 at 16:06

    dear sir

    good day to you!

    here is the screenshot

    1) A scheduled event has failed
    The scheduled event, rocket_saas_pending_jobs, failed to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.

    2) The REST API encountered an unexpected result
    The REST API is one way that WordPress and other applications communicate with the server. For example, the block editor screen relies on the REST API to display and save your posts and pages.

    When testing the REST API, an unexpected result was returned:

    REST API Endpoint:
    REST API Response: (500) Internal Server Error

    3) You should use a persistent object cache
    A persistent object cache makes your site’s database more efficient, resulting in faster load times because WordPress can retrieve your site’s content and settings much more quickly.

    Your hosting provider can tell you if a persistent object cache can be enabled on your site.

    Learn more about persistent object caching.(opens in a new tab)

    4. Page cache enhances the speed and performance of your site by saving and serving static pages instead of calling for a page every time a user visits.

    Page cache is detected by looking for an active page cache plugin as well as making three requests to the homepage and looking for one or more of the following HTTP client caching response headers:

    cache-control, expires, age, last-modified, etag, x-cache-enabled, x-cache-disabled, x-srcache-store-status, x-srcache-fetch-status.
    Median server response time was 868 milliseconds. It should be less than the recommended 600 milliseconds threshold.
    There was 1 client caching response header detected: last-modified.
    A page cache plugin was detected.


    waiting for your help.

    thank you.

    1 Answer
    Avatar: Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell
    Support staff
    June 19, 2024 at 12:30


    Thank you for reaching out and providing detailed information about the issues you are encountering on your website.

    1) Regarding the failed scheduled event, rocket_saas_pending_jobs, it appears there might be a problem with the WordPress cron jobs. This could be due to various reasons such as a conflict with a plugin or incorrect server settings. To resolve this, you could try disabling all plugins temporarily to see if the issue persists. If it resolves, reactivate them one by one to identify the problematic plugin. Additionally, please ensure your WordPress installation and all plugins are up-to-date.

    2) The REST API error showing a 500 Internal Server Error suggests there might be a problem on the server side or a conflict with a specific plugin. To troubleshoot, I recommend checking the server error logs for any specific messages that could indicate what might be causing the error. Adjusting the PHP memory limit and checking the .htaccess file for any incorrect settings might also help.

    3) We suggest contacting your hosting provider to see if they support this feature and can assist you in enabling it on your site.

    4) We recommend that you visit the Customizer -> Speed Optimization section and enable the Ajaxify options for menus and widgets. And use Cache for static blocks and menu, also we suggest using the Ajaxify option for Elementor widgets.

    Please try the suggested steps and let us know how it goes. If you need further assistance, feel free to provide additional details or contact us directly.

    Best Regards,
    8Theme’s Team

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