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    August 5, 2020 at 14:24


    1.) After the last update there are two “theme options” in the dashboard:

    2.) After comparing a new instalation of xstore to the old one i noticed there is no more kirki customizer – can i delete it ? Also there is no “Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder” and “CMB2”. I know i can install the “massive addons” through plugin install but do i really need these things? The new site works just fine without them.

    3.) What is better – single page builder or default one? Yes it’s much easier with the builder but i noticed a couple of problems. On the builder the sale timer is not working (or is there a block i must enable), there is no gap on mobile between the gallery pictures and product name – if i set the padding it’s also visible on dekstop, and a lot of custom codes (for example showing discount percentage under the price etc.) doesnt work while it does on my other xstore page without builder.

    4.) Newsletter – i have it enabled and set to delay (no link anywhere on site) – but it’s not popping out – even after cookie deletion. If i set the link in header it does open or else not. I also deactivated third party plugins and it’s the same.

    5.) Is there a typo here – the same descriptions?

    Thank you,

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    Avatar: Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler
    Support staff
    August 5, 2020 at 16:19


    1) Make sure that the Core plugin was updated –
    Clear cache and check one more time.
    2) Kirki and CMB2 plugins are not required anymore and can be deleted.
    Massive Addons can be activated depends on your needs, but it is not obligatory.
    When you have multiple plugins installed and activated on your site, it can slow it down. So, please, keep enabled only those plugins that you really need for the correct functioning of your site and disable all the plugins that you don’t use.
    3) I prefer default layouts, but in case you want to create your custom layout and face some inconvenience, submit a new topic where we will be able to sort out all complaints one be one, to prevent a mess in this topic.
    4) Provide URL and temporary wp-admin access, so we can take a closer look.
    5) Thanks for the notice, it will be fixed.


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