• March 25

WordPress vs Static HTML – What’s Best for Your Business Website?

Let’s look at things from an investment point of view when it comes to choosing between HTML templates and WooCommerce/WordPress themes.

We have two platforms – WordPress themes and static HTML templates. We can get some additional evaluation criteria, and then examine them in relation to these two entities. One of the main things taken into account in any investment is cost-effectiveness. In other words, the ratio of price and quality.

The cost of web hosting: WordPress theme vs HTML template

The minimum requirements in order to accommodate WordPress-hosted website is the support of the MySQL database and PHP to your web host. Almost all popular providers of web hosting services in the world provide a bunch of MySQL + PHP even in the cheap tariff plans. However, for a site on a basic HTML5 or HTML you do not need PHP / MySQL support. Therefore, if you are using hosting, specific for your country, then you may be cheaper tariff plans for basic accommodation site.


Therefore, in terms of the cost of web hosting, HTML – a cheaper option than WordPress. But do not differ cheap hosting terrible performance? If you pay for what you use – and you are using small resources, then say that low cost is justified.

Free hosting service as an option. Save your money can be through the use of free hosting. There are many different tips (available online), how to put a website in Amazon S3, Dropbox or any other cloud storage. Surprisingly, it works. Your site can be opened very slowly, but hey – you also only need to create an online portfolio with zero cost. In the case of WordPress, so you will not leave.

The price of WordPress themes and HTML templates

First of all, you need a WordPress theme. Quality premium WordPress theme is about 45-50$, while the same HTML-based theme would cost a maximum of 15-20 dollars. Both the first and the second version includes lifetime updates and support – offered by the developers. Again, HTML template seems to be more effective if you are on a limited budget.


The initial investment, and, apparently, a long-term investment in the creation of a business portfolio or personal website based on WordPress template will cost a lot – along with the same HTML theme. However, in the long run WordPress can be a more effective option than HTML. For example, for eCommerce and business themes you  can apply pre-ready WooCommerce themes that can be applied for any business purpose.

Unique selection of plugins: WooCommerce themes and HTML templates

If you need a static website with a little background information about your company, including address, phone, e-mail, contact form and some other pages, in which case it can be assumed that the content will not change in the near future – and the likelihood of adding additional content is also low. In this case, you can use HTML theme. The initial installation and configuration can be difficult, but it will ultimately be more profitable approach.

Once you add a blog, everything changes. This opens a whole new window for adding relevant content and update of the old. In this case, you need to have WooCommerce themes or any similar CMS. With WordPress themes you can:

  • Easily add, edit or delete content;
  • Modify the elements of the core and the layout of your pages using widgets and layout job options;
  • Manage site content using headings, tags, notes and arbitrary taxonomy of convenient admin panel;
  • Use attractive visual editor;
  • Automatically or manually update the CMS to the latest version while retaining all the trends in the design and safety of your site;
  • Create powerful online store with the help of plugins for WooCommerce themes.

All these amazing features do not require the help of the original developers. Imagine what you would have every time to contact the developers, when you want to change or customize the page – you would have to spend a fortune! In this case, WordPress will always prove more effective solution than HTML.

This guide is intended for people who are not sufficiently familiar with the creation of websites and only recently heard about WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates while HTML themes are quite popular. If you need to a full-time business project then you should definitely apply WooCommerce and WordPress themes, while for a simple blog HTML theme will do.

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