• March 4

How to Show User Registration Date in WordPress

You want to bring the date of registration of users in WordPress themes? Many popular community sites and forums show the date of registration of users in their profiles (for example, “party in 2016”). In this article, we’ll show you how to get the date of registration of users in one of WordPress themes.

Where to apply the user registration’s data in WordPress themes?

Some of you just want to display the date of registration of users in a separate column of the page Users in the admin panel of a WordPress theme. With this step, you will be able to see when a user has joined your site, and users can sort by the date of their registration.


Another good use case is the conclusion date of registration of users on the page Edit Profile. This allows administrators and users to obtain information about when it is joined by the user to your site.

Last, the most popular version of this capability is the conclusion date of registration of the user on his public page in any WordPress theme.

Use Admin Columns plugin in WooCommerce themes

The first thing you need to do is to install the plugin Admin Columns. After activation you will need to go to the Settings page – Admin Columns and configure the plugin in such way:

  • Find the Admin Columns tab, click Users, and then click on the Add Column;
  • Then click the drop-down menu Registered Type and click Save Changes;
  • If you visit the screen Users, you will see a new column that will be called Registered. It will display the date of registration of the user on any WooCommerce theme;
  • To display the date of registration on the Edit Profile page, you will need to load arbitrary plug-in on any WooCommerce template;
  • Then create a new file on your computer with a text editor (for example, in Notepad), and then save it as membersince.php.


You can connect to your website via FTP-client, and then go to the folder / wp-content / plugins / and download it in your file membersince.php. After this, you will need to go to the section with plug-ins in the admin panel and activate your new plugin. That is all. If you go to edit the list of user profiles, you should see the date of registration.

In this method we will be using a simple shortcode to display the date of registration of the user in the front-end WooCommerce template.

With Admin Columns in your WooCommerce theme you can add / remove / rearrange the columns in the table show the standard entries, pages, as well as custom record types, if your theme and plug-ins they have created and added to the Administrator Console.

For example: you have standard records a thumbnail in each record, but on the page viewing records you cannot see them. It is not quite convenient, as you want, without going into the editor, see which miniatures in the post you added.

If you have any questions left about how to add the date of the user registration in WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates, then you need to ask them in our support group or visit the WordPress forum of the 8Theme community.

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