• February 9

Reasons and Ways to Change Fonts at a WordPress Website

Using standard fonts for templates is quite common trend, but many do not like it for many reasons – doesn’t match the common concept, do not look nice enough for , and faced with the need to change the font to a more suitable that will meet the needs of the site. In addition, look headers and sections with individual letters are often much better.

Most premium WordPress themes have optimized for SEO and design sites fonts that will look more appealing to the chosen target audience – whether it will be an eCommerce online project or a personal blog.

Why to select premium themes with fonts for WordPress blogs?

The prevailing trend in web design, including quite a few premium WordPress themes is a small font sizes. Our company has come a long way since the old times and we can finally get a design worthy of attention. One of the most advanced, flexible and responsive themes that we can offer if you need to change fonts as you like it is our unique Woopress WordPress theme. This premium template has few adaptive fonts to choose from, it is highly compatible with Woocommerce plugin and typical plug-ins for changing fonts.

It seems that the use of extremely small font sizes just refuses to give in, and we still find it difficult to accept a large font size as an important design element.

Things to consider when choosing fonts for a WP template:

1. Readability comes first

If content is the “king” of any website, then the readability to be “the throne where the king sits”. There is no sense in creating a great content, if it cannot be easily read, so good typography is one of the most important aspects to achieve this goal.

2. Optimal size of your fonts

You should always try to remove any obstacles that customers may experience when accessing our website, to provide a good user experience. This includes the selection of the optimum font size for the web site, which should be at least, 14px or 16px.

3. The font size is part of the design

Optimal size of font for your website

It means that they must match. When you think about the design, the first thing that should come to mind is background elements including the layout, colors, images, fonts. They should match– without looking to catchy or non-matching ones, but at the same time being distinctive and attracting the attention of your site’s audience. In fact, most people often choose when looking for attractive design themes for WordPress sizes and small font sizes (use of them is wrong) justifies web design.

If you are looking for a good theme WordPress, make sure that you choose one that has the optimal font size, or at least gives you a chance to change it. However, if you already have an established site, do not worry. You can change the font size to a smaller one through multiple settings. For example, this theme is highly responsive when it comes to changing the font size.

Most premium themes are also compatible with plugins that have a great archive and library.

The most popular premium WordPress plugins for changing fonts:

1. Google Fonts

This WP plugin is compatible with the Google Web Fonts. This is the best choice for those who do not want too much strain on the selection of fonts. All is very simple and effective – installation, activation and selection of a tag in the settings that you assign the font. Everything works smoothly and without interruption.

The most popular premium WordPress plugins for changing fonts

The advantages of this plugin include ease and flexibility of configuration and use of fonts that are reliable and efficient service Google Web Fonts.

2. AnyFont

This plugin requires the registration of the service FontServ.com. It should be noted that although the service charge, but you can use the free version for one site. Work with this plugin starts with registration on the site, download the fonts the user and their further transfer to the web fonts (the files formats EOT, SVG and WOFF). Cross-browser compatibility of the product begins with IE5.

The advantage of this plugin is an ability to download the compatible plug-allocated own fonts, very detailed settings and decent cross-browser compatibility.

3. Supreme Google Webfonts

This is a free plug-in that works with the service Google Fonts, but rather allows you to choose fonts for posts rather than for the whole topic as a whole. Immediately after installing the plug-in text editor, you will see two new fields in which you can select fonts from the catalog of Google web fonts and change the text size. Expanding the drop-down list, you can “try on” a particular font to your WordPress site. There is no need to go to the site Google Fonts, to see how a font will look at the site, as it was in the case of plug-in.

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