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How to Restore a WordPress Site with Just a Database Backup

Let’s simulate a situation in which malicious hackers have acquired the access to your website with one of WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates. Now let’s imagine that they have removed all the posts and pages on the site, reset all settings themes and widgets, and in addition changed the password to access website based on any free or premium WordPress themes.

What can we do in that case? Only one thing is to restore a site from a backup of the database. In our situation, we assume that the backup we have, and with her help we would restore the backup for your WordPress template.

BackUp WordPress plugin for WooCommerce themes

BackUp WordPress provides an opportunity to make regular backups as a separate database, and the database files with WordPress. The plugin creates its own page settings in the Tools → Backups with two already created default backups schedules and the ability to add new ones.


In the settings we can set the schedule the frequency of backups, choose what we will keep as a backup last backup on the schedule stored on the server, and whether to send a notice of the successful completion of the backup e-mail.

Premium version of the plug-in allows you to automatically back up to multiple cloud services including Google Drive, and Dropbox.

WP Remote plugin for quick backup of WordPress themes

To use the online service WP Remote you will need to install the plugin WP Remote, which is the link between your website and service. The only message from the plugin admin panel will be prompted for API-key with a link to WP Remote for registration.

After the registration page of our profile we can copy you want us API-key, or ask the system to generate a new one. Enter the key in the admin panel of our website, we are completing the connection to the service site. Then you use this plugin for your needs.

Firstly, the service monitors your version of WordPress, as well as versions of the plug-ins, and on each of the sites you are connected, so you will not miss important updates.

Secondly, in the tab Backups you can download the database of your site, or download the entire site. In the free version you can use only manual backups, and therefore, we must not forget to go to the service at least once a week.

The premium version of this plugin allows you to automatically make backups and store them on servers WP Remote, or in one of the supported cloud services, for example, Dropbox or Amazon S3.

Online Backup for WordPress plugin for WooCommerce themes

The plugin called Online Backup for WordPress made by Backup Technology has been a much greater number of settings for backup the data in any WooCommerce theme.

The plugin is able to make backup copies of the database and files, both together and separately. Save the resulting files can be in the cloud or Online Backup on your server, you can also send them by e-mail.

You can also set up a schedule backups, however, unlike BackUp WordPress, only one. This huge number of settings allows you to save only the data that you really need when recovering (eg, deleted or spam comments do not necessarily stored).

Another feature of the plugin is when your WordPress installation is not in the root directory of the server, and the subdirectory, the plug can include a backup non-WordPress files and folders from the root directory.

VaultPress settings for backup of WordPress themes

If we consider the plugins listed in terms of compatibility with WordPress themes, the first place surely takes VaultPress, and is the brainchild of the company Automattic.

This service is not free version and at the first attempt to become familiar with its functionality, he politely but firmly shows us the page with the prices. However, for the ordinary site-blog is more than enough minimum Plan Lite.

For each service to be added to the site will have to pay a separate fare (by the way, the same applies to the premium version of WP Remote).

In Backups you will find a complete list of all backups that have been made to your site, in accordance with the chosen tariff plan.


An important point: in contrast to the earlier plugin, VaultPress does not only made to download any of the backups, and restore the site with just one click directly from the console VaultPress. Of course, you need to do in advance to provide the service access to your site.

And we can give it even in several ways. In addition to traditional treatment via FTP, we can give the service access to the site via SSH or direct access to the database. The more ways to connect specified, the easier it will be the process of restoring the site, if you still have a day when you’ll need it.

In addition to functional backup, VaultPress can also give you a pretty interesting statistics of your site, making the analysis of time and frequency of publications and commentaries.

How to restore the WordPress themes from any backup

  • Before you load the backup, you need to remove all that is left in the database after the attacks. To do this, choose the hosted database that runs your site and go to phpMyAdmin;
  • Click the left mouse button on the name (not the plus sign) database;
  • Put a check mark in the “Mark” in the drop-down list next to select Delete;
  • Click “Yes”, thus confirming the removal of the database;
  • Now go to the final stage – import the database backup. To do this, go to the tab Import and click Select a file;
  • After pressing the button you will need to specify the path on your computer to a database backup, and click Open. Then at the bottom click OK.

Use great services and tools for backup. If you don’t know how to use them for backup of your website with one of WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates, then appeal to our Tech Support and user forum.

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