• October 30

How to Create a Professional Online Resume in WordPress?

Websites based on WordPress themes is a great way to demonstrate to all their works, and describe for any work you undertake. Resumes are often posted on external sites such as, for example, LinkedIn or CareerBuilder. These sites are very easy to create summaries, manage them by putting a link to them using the buttons in the sidebar of the resource. You can attract additional attention of users by adding your resume directly to your WordPress-site. In this article we will look at three ways to resume publication on the site WordPress.

Types of resume sites using WordPress themes

There are several ways to create your resume to WordPress. One option is to upload your resume as a PDF files or as MS Word documents. It certainly works, but it does not advertise your resume. You simply provide a link to users for which they will have to go to upload your resume to WordPress themes. Not everyone wants to download files on the Internet. People immediately remembered how they had to click on such links and get yourself problems in the form of viruses on your computer. If they are not familiar with you, they are unlikely to want to download anything from your site based on WordPress templates.

In addition, click on the file to download it after going to the resume page– it is too much action. Files can be downloaded and opened long enough. People want to see your resume, they don’t want to wait. They have other things to do: visit any place to meet people, to impress the boss, start a business. And you should not keep them waiting.

Here are some ways how you can show your resume to WordPress template:


  • Create a page with images and text manually;
  • Use a plug-in that allows you to create and manage summary;
  • Embed your profile and your resume to your LinkedIn page in the record or in the sidebar.

There are two ways you can display your CV with WordPress themes:

  • In a stand-alone site that demonstrates your resume – in this case, a summary page will be displayed on the main page;
  • In a page on your site – in this case, you also create a link in the sidebar to focus on your resume.

The advantage of having a site that is just your online resume is that your resume does not get lost among the other content. Plus, create a page on your site under the summary is that in this way you can provide your visitors more different content.


Use LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster and similar sites in order to create the accounts you want to see in your resume based on WordPress themes. Remember: you can adapt your resume for your target audience. Select the parts for your resume using WordPress themes:

  • Contact details;
  • Briefly about yourself;
  • Describe your experience;
  • Skills;
  • Certifications;
  • Work examples.

Plugins and WordPress themes that you can use:
  1. Resume Builder

This free plugin adds four shortcode that allows you to output your resume, skills, as well as contact information on your site. Creating a resume is a lot like the work in their respective online applications. You create the title for the resume and then fill out the contact information. The plugin that is fully customizable with WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates uses the editor TinyMCE, so you can work with your resume as a regular recording. You can create as many resumes as you see fit, and to choose which one to display.

  1. WP LinkedIn

This is a very powerful plug-in that allows you to connect with your LinkedIn profile and display its components on its website. With the help of shortcodes you can post your resume with LinkedIn in any record or page, the plugin allows you to output which is rotated scroller with your recommendations, LinkedIn card, your updates, as well as your profile image. Your name and photo on your resume are clickable (transferred to page LinkedIn). The plugin for WordPress themes is adaptive and customizable.

LinkedIn Card Widget displays your profile picture LinkedIn, your name as well as a fragment of your resume. Your picture and your name will link to your profile LinkedIn. You can specify the width of the image, as well as the number of words in the summary. If you do not want the job, you can select “0” for the number of words in the card.

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