• July 27

How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress Menus?

Adding social media icons to your WordPress menus is a useful feature of the “socialization” of WP project. With their help, you will be can share a link to any post of your blog in their accounts of Twitter, Digg, Google Buzz, and other popular services integrated with WordPress themes.

There are few ways of adding social media icons to navigation menus of premium WordPress themes offered by 8Theme (as well as into other themes made for WordPress platform):

  1. Adding social icons in the navigation using Menu Social Icons

Adding social icons in the navigation using Menu Social Icons is very easy task. Menu Social Icons plugin in WordPress themes allows you to add frequently used icons of social networks in the navigation menu. After installing and activating the plugin, go to Appearance> Menus and select the menu to which you want to add social icons.

Expand the panel “Links” on the left side where you can now find about 22 social media icons from WordPress themes. Click on the icon to add to the menu. You need to set up the Profile URL to Social Networks and if you want to change the link text. Save the WordPress menu and make sure to add icons to navigate your blog with one of WordPress themes successfully.


To align a set of icons, we could add a class «right» for each of the social media icons. If the field CSS classes are not visible, click on “Display Settings” at the top and select CSS classes. Now, if you want to arrange the icons in the order you really want to go back to the editing menu icons and move in such a way as you wish. The navigation panel on left is first in the list menu.

  1. Fading Menu Plugin with a block of notifications and social icons. networking

Fading Menu Plugin made by PremiumCoding allows you to create navigation menus with the Fade-in and notifying unit. This plugin solves the two problems with the majority of the menu. Firstly, it makes the menu interesting, and secondly, you can make navigation menus set out. If used wisely, scrolling menu at the top of the screen will increase the number of page views, will make a positive impression on the user and allow you to show off your site interesting and user-friendly.

Fading Menu Plugin for WordPress themes uses the standard menu system WordPress. This makes it easy for you to add menu items, or you can use an existing menu, so that it gradually manifested itself when the user scrolled the menu at the top of your static. Techcrunch and other popular sites use gradually appearing to have the navigation menu at the top of WP sites.


  • Uses the WordPress menu’s editor to manage and edit the menu in your menu that appears;
  • The user can choose where he wants to appear on the menu: up or down;
  • Fully customizable appearance, the user can use their skins, or use existing ones, provided with the plugin;
  • For better typography can use fonts from Google Web Fonts API;
  • You can add a notification at the top of the unit that can display the latest tweet from the Twitter account that you specify in the settings or add your own text with links;
  • You can add your own social media icons (customized ones).
  1. UberMenu is a WordPress Mega Menu plugin for a large navigation menu’s panel

UberMenu is a great plugin to create and improve the menu of your site. It works well with the existing menu of WordPress, which are included in your theme. It has a lot of options that allow you to create different types of menus with sub-minded and beautiful styles. Its HTML, images, description text, and anything can be added to the menu. This allows you to create cool submenu and improve the user experience of the site.

UberMenu uses the design that makes your menu fully compatible with different devices such as smartphones and tablets. It has 20 preset styles from which to choose, you can also create your own style. UberMenu integrated into WordPress themes can be used to create both horizontal and vertical menus. Using the vertical menu means that you may have to adjust your theme a bit, but if you can do it, you can have a fantastic menu to the right, which will make the navigation is different from other sites. UberMenu is also very well documented plugin enabled on the developer’s site.


  • Many settings those are simple to set up;
  • Requires topic enabled WordPress Menu;
  • The approach to design makes UberMenu compatible with smartphones and tablets;
  • 20 built-in styles to start, their styles can also be added;
  • Submenu may contain many different kinds of menu items, a width of several columns, pictures, HTML code, etc.;
  • It supports both horizontal and vertical menus;
  • The navigation menu of WordPress themes can be arranged at the top or bottom of the page;
  • Excellent support cross-browser works well with most modern browsers.

Use these or other plugins for adding social media icons to WordPress sites with themes you got from 8Theme catalogue. Feel free to ask our professional assistance to install any plugins to your themes.

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