• September 2

Adding WhatsApp Share Button into WordPress Themes

WhatsApp is a popular free application for the exchange of messages on the mobile, so installing on a site button WhatsApp will share your content and links users. By pressing the button, your reader can easily send to a friend or even a group of friends. Further you will learn how to install WhatsApp share button to any WordPress theme based site.

The generator of WhatsApp Sharing Button

Button WhatsApp it should work on a mobile template and does not appear on the basic version of the blog. To add the share button you need to find in your WordPress theme Admin Panel -> Templates -> On mobile -> Gear icon (customized mobile template) -> Advanced.

Customize your own labels for the buttons and the accompanying text links + link itself (if necessary): Admin Panel -> tab “Template” -> find the code snippet Mobile buttons of social networks: <div class = ‘mobile-link-button goog-inline-block’ id = ‘mobile-share-button’> Immediately after adding the first code from the official website.


On your computer, extract the archive, go to the folder and locate the file dist WhatsApp-button.js. You need to pimp up hosting. If you have no hosting, like most bloggers, leading their blogs on WordPress, you can download the file to your dropbox or a file manager.

Copy the code to install WhatsApp sharing button to your WordPress theme. The proposed code, you only need to replace the segment url / to / your / button / WhatsApp-button.js your link to the script button.

Then just use this code – it must be inserted in the blog template to an element </ body>:
<script type = 'text / javascript'> if (typeof wabtn4fg===&quot;undefined&quot;){wabtn4fg=1;h=document.head||document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;head&quot;)[0],s=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;);s.type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;;s.src=&quot;http://photoforum.do.am/WhatsApp-button.js&quot;;h.appendChild(s);}</script>

Everything should work from now – you will have a WhatsApp share button.

Use plugins for WordPress themes

For this purpose you can use Mobile ShareBar plugin that can customize WhatsApp panel directly to your website with WordPress theme.


Keep in mind that this button will not be visible in the desktop version of the site, as you will see in the mobile operating with WhatsApp share button.

Stay tuned and you will learn how to make a cool button for sharing in any social network (including WhatsApp) at the bottom of the mobile site with any WordPress theme!

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