The site is still slow, each new page takes 4 seconds to open.

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  • Avatar: David Zamora
    David Zamora
    April 22, 2021 at 19:59

    Sorry, I opened another new ticket because there was a message showing that the previous ticket was marked as resolved, but this has not been resolved.

    Thanks for your answer, I already saw the links you sent me, but, the site is still slow, the initial load of the site takes 4 seconds each time I open a section for the first time, I have another website with woocommerce that is much faster and it is on the same server.

    I like Xstore, but it is very heavy and my clients get bored waiting that every time they click on a new section they have to wait 4 seconds.

    Attached image with google page speed rating of 9%, the website is very slow and is not optimized for efficiency.
    Please review these images, google pagespeed rates this website with 9%, and makes many recommendations.
    First Contentful Paint 5.0 s
    Speed Index 13.6 s
    Largest Contentful Paint 11.0 s
    Time to Interactive 26.5 s
    Total Blocking Time 18,880 ms
    Cumulative Layout Shift 0.151
    Preload key requests 5.4 s
    Remove resources blocking rendering 1.93s
    Minimizes the work of the main thread 38.2 s
    Make sure the text remains visible while the web font is loading
    Don’t use passive listeners to improve scrolling
    Reduces JavaScript execution time by 7.7 s
    Avoid oversizing DOM 1851 elements

    Site URL:

    Please try to click on several products, click on one and you will see that it takes 4 or 5 seconds to open each product.

    Please, contact administrator
    for this information.
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    Avatar: Olga Barlow
    Olga Barlow
    Support staff
    April 23, 2021 at 15:08


    Topic is not marked as resolved and we answered there
    There is no need to create multiple topics.


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