• June 18

How to Improve WordPress Comments with De: Comments Plugin?

Regularly developed for WordPress more and more plug-ins. Many plug-ins have been developed for easy and advanced capabilities commenting on blogs. However, the Ukrainian company decollete presented to the public its first commercial plugin called De: Comments. This plugin is specifically designed for commenting on blogs supported by WordPress themes made and designed by 8Theme team. De:Comments plugin will be perhaps the most powerful tool for submitting and editing comments.

Why is this plugin so different from the famous Disqus? Or Cackle, HyperComments and many others?

The major features of De: Comments plugin
  • As developers say, the new plugin De: Comments is the best solution for the system of commenting on blogs. The plugin is very functional. Among the most effective functions of the plugin there can be distinguished:
  • Easy to customize styles;
  • Multilingualism;
  • The possibility of a separate entrance through a social network;
  • Voting system for the comments;
  • Rewarding active users;
  • Adding media files in a comment;
  • High adaptability;
  • AJAX-uploading comments.

If you later decide to abandon the use of the plug-in, you will not lose any comment. All comments will be saved in your database. Perhaps the only drawback is the need to plug the payment of its use.


However, it should immediately be noted that in the case of this plugin, the money will not be wasted. In doing so, you will be able to make after installing De: Comments on your WordPress theme based blog.

Advantages of De: comments plugin for your WordPress website

  • This plugin is always ready for localization. The introduction of all the terms in the PO-file that allows you to very easily and quickly translate it to the language you want, or just to tweak a style of the site.
  • A rich palette of languages ​​that includes: Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, etc.
  • Any customization of graphics and styles through simple plugin’s editing files. The development team intends to develop themes for comment, as well as improve the interface for the customization of colors, fonts, icons and other design options.
  • The plugin supports simultaneous login and comments along with the native commenting system of your WordPress theme.
  • Full integration with the best open-source social plugin WP Social Login authentication with support for all existing social networks;
  • Support for multisite technologies: one license can be used for networking sites;
  • The intuitive system of likes and dislikes, including badges, “karma” and other signs for labeling comments for each user;
  • Loading the media content and the reference to the comment in the automatic “pulling” data from external sources;
  • Adaptive layout, the comment block adapts to your layout’s WordPress theme;
  • Authorization of the protected selection/substitution of a foreign e-mail;
  • Editing and deleting comments without losing branches of responses;
  • Quoting and adding fragments of the quoted text.

Impressions from using De: Comments plugin

As you can see, on our blog already are comments from De: Comments from the social authorization and we can share this experience with you. Configuration of the plugin was easy, all the settings were collected in 7 tabs, and it took our specialists just a couple of minutes to understand and apply the desired options.

Download speed. Posts and pages that used the comments began to really load faster. And all because the comments are loaded from the database site, unlike Disqus, is loaded each time from an external source.


The native commentary system. Since all the comments are now part of every page, they are visible to the search engines and indexed as the site content.

CSS. Customize the appearance of comments under the style of the site easier. With De: Comments plugin it was not difficult to make a right-click on “Send” button, select Inspect Element in Chrome, see what CSS styles are used now and tweak them to your liking in the CSS. style.

Easy approval. There is no question at all. To protect against spam with Akismet plugin is enough to put a free subscription, and you can reply to comments directly from WordPress admin panel.

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