How to boost sales with WordPress WooCommerce Themes in 2023
  • February 7

How to boost sales with WordPress WooCommerce Themes in 2023

According to 2021 statistics, retail eCommerce sales have amounted to about $4.9 trillion around the world. During the next few years, that figure is estimated to increase by another 50%, hitting about $7.4 trillion by 2025. There are zero reasons to believe the online shopping trend will be losing its popularity in the near future.

While you always have the option of creating your eCommerce platform from the ground up to ensure it looks exactly how you imagined it, a much simpler and more cost-efficient approach is to use a premium WooCommerce WordPress theme that will allow you to achieve a similar result and much more.

In this article, we’re going to let you know how you can boost sales with WordPress WooCommerce themes features while using XStore as an example. The functionality provided by this theme accounts for all the recent digital design advancements and offers everything you might need to build the eCommerce store of your dreams.

1. Quick eCommerce Shop Creation

XStore is supplied with a broad collection of demo stores, which you can take advantage of to either easily put together your own ecommerce platform or use it as inspiration for the shop you’ll later create from scratch. It’s suitable for businesses involved in all possible industries (automotive, fashion, furniture, jewelry, makeup products, etc.) and is available in various styles and colors, with the dark option being the most popular one.

This demo offers a minimalist design that combines eye-catching foreground images with conceptual backgrounds to ensure your eCommerce platform conveys the right message to the visitor and keeps them engaged. Meanwhile, the long scrolling feature inclusion makes the store very convenient to navigate for smartphone users.

2. Ability to Attract Visitors Using Dark Mode

The home page is supplied with cool effects like parallax and hover that make the process of using your eCommerce store a lot more convenient and engaging. Additionally, this dark demo shop offers a sense of class and sophistication that you'll rarely find anywhere else.

The dark background patterns come with a focusing effect that meshes exceptionally well with the foreground elements.

Similar to some of the best WordPress themes with WooCommerce on the market, XStore provides a wealth of customization parameters, allowing you to unleash your creativity and craft the eCommerce shop that satisfies all of your requirements. That said, it’s important to not go overboard when designing your store, as your main goal should be putting together a platform that is both flexible and user-friendly.

3. Recommended Product Section Alongside the Purchased Main Product

You can take advantage of the “frequently bought together” feature to make sure your customers purchase more of your products by checking out various enticing upsells.

Frequently Bought Together can be easily added and personalized to your product web pages that were created with the help of this theme.

This feature can be instrumental for benefitting from bulk upsells for all products in a category, adjusting how this widget looks and creating several special offers (in the shape of hand-crafted bundles) tied to a single product.

4. Sale Notifications

Sales notifications are subtle, compact pop-ups that display fake information about on-site purchases to visitors.

If you want to turn on the Fake Sale feature, visit XStore Control Panel > Sales Booster > Fake sale popup.

5. Receive Visual Representations of How Much Progress a Site Visitor Has Made

The Progress bars feature adds a visual representation that demonstrates the amount of progress a user has made on their way towards certain objectives. For instance, it may let you know how much of a form a user has filled out.

This theme lets you employ this feature to both make your eCommerce store more visually appealing and boost your conversions.

The progress bar can also be added to the checkout section to let the visitors know how close they are to placing the order, or any other web page to delineate any gradual process you want.

Even though you might think this feature isn't particularly useful for improving your conversion rate, it has proven to provide fantastic results.

6. Receive Queries About Your Products or Services from Potential Customers

The Quote feature included in the XStore theme allows visitors to ask questions about the products they’re interested in purchasing. Moreover, such an option can be added to all pages on your platform that you see fit.

The provided parameters allow you to pick where this widget will be shown: on specific product pages or the entire website, and whether it will look like a floating bubble or a button. Additionally, you’ll be able to customize the content section that will pop up when the visitor clicks the button, as you can set its dimensions, background, and icon.

7. Fast Ordering Process

XStore is one of those extremely useful WooCommerce themes that offer a Countdown feature that is displayed in the Cart and Checkout sections.

When turned on, a countdown timer will be displayed the moment a product has been added to a customer’s cart, which can be very useful for making such products sell faster.

8. Inspire More Confidence in Visitors Interested in Buying a Product

You can achieve that effect by turning on the Fake Live Viewing feature. It lets you display live viewing notifications on quick view and single product pages. This is another tool that can be useful for increasing your sales rate.

9. Email Newsletters

The integrated WooCommerce Email Builder feature is useful for putting together custom email layouts.

Keep in mind that if you turn on this feature, the standard WooCommerce emails will be overwritten by the ones created with this builder, but you can always undo the damage by simply disabling the feature later.

Additionally, you’ll be able to gain access to all the categories of emails sent out to your website’s visitors. Once you find the needed type, you can edit its layout to make it look exactly how you want it to.

10. Help Users Find and Order the Right Products from Your Store

Size Guide is one of the most useful inclusions if your main goal is to boost sales with WordPress WooCommerce themes features, as it lets visitors conveniently navigate your catalog and easily find the optimal product from the store. This feature is particularly relevant for eCommerce platforms that sell fashion products, clothing, furniture, etc.

This function can be implemented into your single-product web pages. After you’ve added the widget, you can tweak its parameters according to your vision while messing around with settings like “Type (Like ‘Pop-up or Download’)” “Alignment” “Popup Width & Height” “Image” and “Title”.

11. Convenient Real-Time Currency Conversion

The XStore Currency Switcher function lets website visitors switch from one currency to another when viewing your products with a single click or tap while also choosing which currency they are going to pay in. Furthermore, this feature lets you add currency flags, display the cents, and customize the overall design of this section as you see fit.

12. Estimated Delivery Information for Customer Convenience

The Estimated Delivery feature lets you inform your visitors about the predicted delivery date when they’re viewing specific products on the site. After you turn this tool on, you can customize its parameters, which include text and date type, non-business days, display only for, and placement.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to employ a WooCommerce theme like XStore when creating your eCommerce store is a wise move that will do wonders for stimulating business growth. With the help of the aforementioned features, you'll notice an instant increase in sales and conversions while significantly improving your website's user experience in the process.

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