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How to Create eCommerce with Shopify in Woocommerce themes

Using Shopify platform is one of the best ecommerce plugins for your WooCommerce themes. What is Shopify? It is a tool of eCommerce that has been successfully used by many online entrepreneurs. Shopify: all necessary functions for eCommerce sites with WooCommerce themes When you run an eCommerce website with one of 8Theme’s WooCommerce template you…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Limit or Disable Automatic Empty Trash in Woocommerce themes?

When using WooCommerce themes you need to erase some posts at some point. And when you erase a post or remark, it goes into the so-called trash can. As a matter of course, destroyed posts and remarks stay in your WooCommerce theme’s database for 30 days giving you enough time to reestablish them if it…

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What is a Responsive Themes for WordPress

Nowadays, responsive WordPress for themes considered to be very popular in the modern world. But are they really qualitative, or it’s just a way to cheat people and take their money through online resources? It is necessary to discuss whether there are a sufficient number of Responsive themes for WordPress and whether they can be applied to mobile devices.

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User’s Guide for All in One SEO Pack in WooCommerce themes

This time 8Theme offers a user’s guide to All in One SEO Pack installation in one of our WooCommerce themes. First of all, in order to configure the plugin All in One SEO Pack for WooCommerce themes go to the Settings-> All in One SEO Pack from your Admin Panel (after installation). WooCommerce themes, the…

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10 LinkedIn WordPress Plugins to Win New Customers

There are various LinkedIn WordPress modules accessible for your site that permit you to interface your website with one of 8Theme’s WooCommerce themes to your LinkedIn profile.  Below we have gathered the vast set of diverse plugins capable to improve and provide the good-working integration between LinkedIn and WooCommerce themes for your WordPress engine based…

Posted by Alex Miro

Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO Pack – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

WordPress is a very friendly blogging platform for search engine systems. It can be made even more user-friendly, using WordPress SEO plugins and settings. Currently, there are two very popular WordPress plugin for improving user-friendliness of your site to the search engines: Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin and “the father of all SEO plugins” – All…

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